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Rules & Guidelines

1. Participation is a must! Your team depends on you for points. If you can't be bothered to participate at least once a week, please don't join.
2. Please have fun! If it's not fun, or you have suggestions, let one of the mods know!
3. Do not bash the other teams or members. There is no reason to be mean. This is for fun! Points will be deducted for uncouth behavior.
4. No character bashing. You can have friendly disagreements, but please don't bash. Points will be deducted for uncouth behavior.
5. If you need to leave or go on hiatus, let your team leader know as well as one of the mods.

1. Points are awarded for participating/winning challenges.
2. Points are awarded after the close of a challenge. The points awarded vary from challenge to challenge.
3. Point totals will be updated on the sidebar of bonesland after each challenge closes.

1. If you would like to host a challenge, or have an idea for one, please let one of the mods know. Your team will be awarded points for hosting a challenge.
2. Challenges happen frequently. Keep your eyes peeled and participate as much as possible!

Sig Tags:
1. Sig tags/icons or your team name need to be attached to every challenge entry/comment so we know who to award points to. If they are not attached, your points will go to the team with the fewest points during that particular challenge.

1. Once accepted onto a team and into the community, you will need to accept your invitations here.
2. You will need to watch both the main community and your team community so that you don't miss new challenges or information/activities.

Please leave questions or comments here and I'll answer them as soon as possible, thanks!!
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