☮Ande (fushiforever) wrote in bonesland,


Bonesland is in serious need of more members. Not only would it make challenges funner (and open up more challenge possibilities), but as of right now the teams are incredibly uneven.

Because of this, I am extending the time for gaining extra points for bringing new members in. You all have between now and December 10th to gain 20 points for every member that joins and mentions your name. And believe me when I say these points will add up.

Also, teambooth and teamsquintern need Team Leaders. teambrennan has the lovely and amazing filledusoleil86 already doing a wonderful job leading the team and I would love to have someone there for each team to lead and make sure people are participating. I'm in several land comms myself and I know that part of the fun is the interaction in the Team communities, so if you feel up to the job, reply here please. :)
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