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25 March 2011 @ 04:25 pm
I've been putting off posting this for some time now, mainly because I thought that I would be able to get things started again. But I've finally accepted that it is time to post an official notice about this land comm being on hiatus.

If someone is interested in running it, just let me know. At this moment though, I don't have the time or energy needed to run an entire land community like this.

Sorry about this, I didn't want this to happen.

Comments are screened, so if you want to say anything, feel free to do so.
29 November 2010 @ 12:14 pm
Bonesland is in serious need of more members. Not only would it make challenges funner (and open up more challenge possibilities), but as of right now the teams are incredibly uneven.

Because of this, I am extending the time for gaining extra points for bringing new members in. You all have between now and December 10th to gain 20 points for every member that joins and mentions your name. And believe me when I say these points will add up.

Also, teambooth and teamsquintern need Team Leaders. teambrennan has the lovely and amazing filledusoleil86 already doing a wonderful job leading the team and I would love to have someone there for each team to lead and make sure people are participating. I'm in several land comms myself and I know that part of the fun is the interaction in the Team communities, so if you feel up to the job, reply here please. :)
16 November 2010 @ 11:48 pm
Hello everyone, my name is Ande (or fushiforever) and I am going to be your mod here at bonesland starting now. I hope that I can run this community smoothly and make it fun for everyone. :)

First order of business though is to see who's still here and interested in participating in this community as well as gathering new members, so I would like everyone interested to head on over to here to re-apply to the comm. Sorry if this causes any problems with people, I just want to give everyone a chance to start over again.

If you would like to leave this comm at this point, please comment to this post or PM me.

Comments to this post are NOT screened, so feel free to ask questions and talk amongst yourselves.
30 July 2009 @ 11:53 am
1. Participation is a must! Your team depends on you for points. If you can't be bothered to participate at least once a week, please don't join.
2. Please have fun! If it's not fun, or you have suggestions, let one of the mods know!
3. Do not bash the other teams or members. There is no reason to be mean. This is for fun! Points will be deducted for uncouth behavior.
4. No character bashing. You can have friendly disagreements, but please don't bash. Points will be deducted for uncouth behavior.
5. If you need to leave or go on hiatus, let your team leader know as well as one of the mods.

1. Points are awarded for participating/winning challenges.
2. Points are awarded after the close of a challenge. The points awarded vary from challenge to challenge.
3. Point totals will be updated on the sidebar of bonesland after each challenge closes.

1. If you would like to host a challenge, or have an idea for one, please let one of the mods know. Your team will be awarded points for hosting a challenge.
2. Challenges happen frequently. Keep your eyes peeled and participate as much as possible!

Sig Tags:
1. Sig tags/icons or your team name need to be attached to every challenge entry/comment so we know who to award points to. If they are not attached, your points will go to the team with the fewest points during that particular challenge.

1. Once accepted onto a team and into the community, you will need to accept your invitations here.
2. You will need to watch both the main community and your team community so that you don't miss new challenges or information/activities.

Please leave questions or comments here and I'll answer them as soon as possible, thanks!!
30 July 2009 @ 11:37 am
Welcome! This is bonesland, a challenge community for Bones fans. This community is inspired by whedonland and it's subsequent communities.

This community is meant to be a fun way to make new friends, challenge your Bones knowledge and have a good time with your fandom. You will be assigned to one of three teams: teambrennan, teambooth or teamsquintern. As a team, you will participate in the various challenges for point based awards. Ultimately you will be competing for bragging rights.

Challenges range from games and puzzles, to trivia, to pure luck and chance. Each team will have two mods who will be available to answer any of your questions and encourage you to compete in challenges. They will keep track of your team points and activities.

Please read the rules here before joining.

If you are interested in joining this community, please take the time to fill out the information below and leave it in a comment. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed on the team of your choosing, but please remember that this has no bearing on how the games are played. They are only teams and what counts is who is on your team.

In the interest of keeping the teams even, you will be assigned to the team with the lowest number of members if your first or second choice isn't available. If you are adamant about being on a certain team, we will try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee teams.